by maxgoldb


Here in a new place, collecting a few recent pieces that have seen the light of day:

Punto de Vista’s gorgeous tribute to the filmmaker Jonathan Schwartz is now available (stateside via SF Cinematheque) and includes an essay of mine.

I contributed a short preface to a much-needed reprint of Paul Clipson’s REEL book from the stalwarts of LAND AND SEA. I am told the initial run sold out at SF Art Book Fair but that more will be available by the time of NY Art Book Fair in September.

A report, of sorts, on my reading of the early issues of the News — the newsletter that preceded the formation of the Canyon Cinema distribution co-op (not the other way around) and that surely merits facsimile treatment!

Keeping with Canyon, I sent a short piece on Guy Davenport and Stan Brakhage’s turbulent friendship for the latest issue of the Cinemazine, themed missed connections, that is well worth seeking out.