Laida Lertxundi: Landscape Plus (March 2017, Canyon Cinema Salon)


“Once More to the Lake: Jerome Hiler’s New Shores(September 2015)
“The Passenger: J.P. Sniadecki’s The Iron Ministry
(April 2015)
“Theme and Variations: The Royal RoadPhoenix, and The Dragon is the Frame
” (February 2015)


“Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind: Crossroads 2016” (18 April 2016)
“Warning Shots: China Now: Independent Visions
(18 November 2015)
“Sleepless Nights: Wavelengths at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival”
(26 September 2015)
“Slow Ride: Joao Mario Gusmao and Pedro Paiva’s One Month Without Filming
(12 August 2015)
“Pick of the Litter: Previewing the 58th SFIFF”
(27 April 2015)
“Frames of Mind: Crossroads 2015” (21 April 2015)
“Mati Diop’s Elsewheres” (18 February 2015)


Crossroads Festival (18 May 2017)
Off the Beaten Path at SFFILM
(4 April 2017)
Robert Beavers at BAMPFA: In Berkeley, A Master Filmmaker Reflects on His Craft
  (9 November 2016)
Light Field Festival (9 November 2016)
David Lynch: The Man from Another Place (18 August 2016)


“Young Oceans of Cinema – The Films of Jean Epstein” (January-March 2016)
“The Complete Fritz Lang”
(July-September 2014)
“The Glitter of Putrescence – Val Lewton at RKO”
(March 2014)
“Time Within Time – The Complete Andrei Tarkovsky”
(January-February 2014)
“Chris Marker: Guillaume-en-Egypte” (October-December 2013)
“The Complete Alfred Hitchcock” (July-September 2013)
“The Illuminations of Nathaniel Dorsky” (March 2013)
“The Warren Sonbert Collection” (2013) / Warren Sonbert Collection blog post (7 Nov 2013)


TIFF 2015 blurbs: The Whispering StarNeon BullSparrowsThe People vs. Fritz Bauer
“The Conversation: Stephanie Barber’s DAREDEVILS

At Berkeley” (Cinema Scope #57)
Three Landscapes (Cinema Scope Online)
“Blank Slate: Remembering Les Blank” (Cinema Scope Online)
“No Angel: Shirley Clarke’s Portrait of Jason” (Cinema Scope #53 – PDF)
“Return to Form: An interview with Jerome Hiler” (Cinema Scope #52 – PDF)
“Meditations in an Emergency: the 2012 Robert Flaherty Seminar” (Cinema Scope Online)
“Ben Russell” (Cinema Scope #50)
“Way Back West: The West: 1898-1938” (Cinema Scope #48 – PDF)
“Terri” (Cinema Scope #47 – PDF)
“The Inmost Leaf: An Interview with Nathaniel Dorsky” (Cinema Scope #46)
“All Points West: Taking measure of the films of Gary Beydler and Peter Bo Rappmund’s Psychohydrography (Cinema Scope #45)
“Anatomy of an Interlocutor: Laura Poitras’ The Oath” (Cinema Scope #43 – PDF)
The Exploding Girl” (Cinema Scope #41 – PDF)
“Everybody Knows This is Nowhere: Lee Anne Schmitt on California Company Town (Cinema Scope #39)
“Stop Making Sense: Martha Colburn’s Anxious Animations” (Cinema Scope #38)


“Lewis Klahr on Memory, Myth, and Sixty Six (23 May 2016)
“Presence of Mind: Alan Berliner at BAMPFA”
(21 February 2016)
“Noir City 14: Artists and Models”
(21 January 2016)
“Imitation of Life: Spotlighting some of the year’s best performances by non-actors”
(24 November 2015)
Binghamton Babylon: Scott MacDonald’s new book recalls SUNY Binghamton’s legendary Cinema Department”
(10 November 2015)
“Killer Instinct: Hou Hsiao-hsien on The Assassin
(15 October 2015)
“Documentary Unbound: Kevin Jerome Everson’s BZV
(18 September 2015)
“Documentary Unbound: Speculation Nation
(7 July 2015)
“One More Saturday Night: A Poem is a Naked Person
(1 July 2015) 
“After Langlois: The enduring legacy of the co-founder of the Cinematheque Francaise”
(25 June 2015)
“Echoes of Eternity: A new book collects the writings of avant-garde filmmaker Gregory Markopoulos”
(1 April 2015)
“Touches of Evil: The Strange Pleasures of I Married a Witch and The Devil and Daniel Webster (24 March 2015)
“The Grammarian Speaks: Jean-Pierre Gorin on the Dziga Vertov Group” (12 Feb 2015)
“Man, God and ‘Island Life’: Stromboli and L’Avventura  (18 Nov 2014)
“The Insiders: Laura Poitras and Edward Snowden” (20 Oct 2014)
“Documentary Unbound: To Chris Marker, an Unsent Letter (3 Oct 2014)
“Documentary Unbound: Gardner’s Camera” (11 Aug 2014)
Documentary Unbound: Ballad of the Little Soldier (8 July 2014)
“Past Progressive: Profit motive and the whispering wind and Clear Glasses
(18 May 2014)
“Documentary Unbound: Lenny Cooke
(20 Jan 2014)
“Out of the Past: The Year in Media Scavenging” (13 Dec 2013)
“Documentary Unbound: Leviathan” (20 Nov 2013)
“Tete-a-Tete: Doc Portraiture” (30 Sept 2013)
“River’s Edge: Two Years at Sea (5 Sept 2013)
“Disappearing Acts: Bas Jan Ader” (7 Aug 2013)
“Documentary Unbound: Actuality, Actually” (2 Apr 2013)
“Documentary Unbound: The Inner Life of Art” (5 Feb 2013)
“Dancing in Unexpected Places” (7 Jan 2013)
“Fall Festivals: NYFF’s ‘Views from the Avant-Garde'” (17 Oct 2012)
“Documentary Unbound: Happy?(21 Sept 2012)
“What is Cinema?: J. Hoberman and Jennifer Reeves” (11 Sept 2012)
“A Good Man is Hard to Find: Paul Goodman Changed My Life (27 Aug 2012)
“Documentary Unbound: Let There Be Light(13 June 2012)
“The Ultimate Cult Movie: Mock Up on Mu (23 June 2011)
“One Village, Two Movies: Back to Normandy (17 Nov 2010)


Frederick Wiseman’s National Gallery (19 December 2014)
Gabe Klinger’s Double Play (6 November 2014)


“Signal to Noise: An Interview with Ernst Karel” (28 Feb 2013)
“Unchained Melodies: Claire Denis, Tindersticks, and the musical muse in cinema” (26 May 2011)
“No Exit: Adapting the dissolute, interior noir of David Goodis” (11 Aug 2008)


“Book Review: Ride Boldly Ride: The Evolution of the American Western” (Spring 2013)


“Direct Address: Chick Strand’s ‘Señora con flores” (1995/2011)'” (27 Dec 2011)
“Tough, Uncompromising, Nasty Little Films: A Conversation with Elliot Lavine” (13 June 2011)
“Direct Address: El Sicario Room 164 and Trypps #7 (Badlands)” (21 Feb 2011)
“Direct Address: Oliver Laxe’s You Are All Captains” (1 Nov 2010)


“By George: The George Kuchar Reader” (8 Oct 2014)
“Georgian Rhapsody: ‘Discovering Georgian Cinema’ raises the curtain on a vital national cinema”
(24 Sept 2014)
“Rites of Passage: Nathaniel Dorsky”
(5 June 2012)
“Light Meter: Picks from San Francisco Cinematheque’s third ‘Crossroads’ festival” (15 May 2012)
“How Dark Was My Alley: ‘I Wake Up Dreaming'” (8 May 2012)
“Into New Territory: SFIFF”
(17 Apr 2012)
“Eternal Return: Gregory Markopoulos”
(8 Feb 2012)
“Zero for Conduct: Contemplating the Filmmaker as Teacher” (28 Dec 2011)
Goldies 2011: Paul Clipson” (8 Nov 2011)
“Frame Missing: The unorthodox visions of ‘Not Necessarily Noir'” (2 Nov 2011)
“Light Years: Jordan Belson” (19 Oct 2011)
“Vive Vigo: Jean Vigo” (14 Sept 2011)
“Desolation Angels: PFA surveys the melancholy masterpieces of ’70s American cinema” (31 Aug 2011)
“Border Trouble at the PFA” (30 June 2011)
“A Mother’s Touch: Mamma Roma (1 June 2011)
“Nothing Was Delivered: Meek’s Cutoff (5 May 2011)
“Occupational Hazards: Punching in with a few SFIFF films set in the workplace” (19 Apr 2011)
“Muybridge at SF MoMA” (31 Mar 2011)
“The World Maclaine Made: SF Cinematheque pays tribute to a Beat legend” (30 Mar 2011)
“Jay Rosenblatt talks Darkness (24 Mar 2011)
“Fruits of Labor: A new imperfect cinema” (23 Mar 2011)
“Looking Glass Love: Certified Copy (16 Mar 2011)
“Something Wild: Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives (2 Mar 2011)
“Temporary Insanity Take Hold at Noir City 9” (21 Jan 2011)
“Bye Bye Blackbird: Ne Change Rien (19 Jan 11)
Past Imperfect: Digging through the year in archival footage [Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu]” (29 Dec 2010)

“Fight Club: Boxing Gym (22 Dec 2010)
“Darkest Heart: White Material (24 Nov 2010)
“Side of the Road: Kelly Reichardt” (10 Nov 2010)
Berlin & Beyond: In the Shadows and The Robber” (22 Oct 2010)
“From Here, Cinema: Radical Light surveys a half-century of Bay Area alternative film and video” (13 Oct 2010)
“Practiced Distance: Paul Clipson” (29 Sept 2010)
“Dreams Untrue: Robert Gardner” (22 Sept 2010)
Alamar” (30 July 2010)
“Sicily Unbound: Francesco Rosi” (7 July 2010)
“Nobody But You: Everyone Else (30 June 2010)
“Bucharest Calling: Recent Romanian cinema” (8 June 2010)
“City Limits: Le joli mai” (31 Mar 2010)
“Wild Yonder: Sweetgrass and Let Each One Go Where He May” (10 Mar 2010)
“Siteseeing: James Benning” (24 Feb 2010)
“Playtime: Sid Laverents and the amateur cinema clubs” (17 Feb 2010)
“Scott MacDonald on Art in Cinema at SF MoMA” (8 Feb 2010)
“Enter Night: Noir City and Val Lewton” (20 Jan 2010)
“Raison Ritual: Paying tribute to the films that paid closest attention” (30 Dec 2009)
“Revisiting Miklos Jancso’s CinemaScope War Ballads” (2 Dec 2009)
“Remembering Chick Strand” (23 Oct 2009)
“Camera Lucida: Robert Beavers” (14 Oct 2009)
“My Country, My Country: Oblivion (30 Sept 2009)
“Come of Age: Ermanno Olmi” (23 Sept 2009)
“The Deep End: Lucrecia Martel” (8 July 2009)
“Shadowboxing: Phil Karlson” (3 June 09)
“Cat’s Cradle: Ben Rivers” (25 Mar 2009)
“Lost Angeles: The Savage Eye (17 Feb 2009)
“Welles Well: A master’s late-career phantoms at the Pacific Film Archive” (14 Jan 2009)
“Speak, Memory: Kino21’s five-part war doc series” (23 Sept 2008)
The Exiles on Main Street” (split with Johnny Ray Huston) (23 July 2008)
“Slamdance Elegance: ‘Louder, Faster’ punk performances” (4 June 2008)
“Bigger Than Life: Frank Tashlin” (9 Apr 2008)
Deja Vu Times Two: Last Year at Marienbad(19 Mar 2008)
“Beautiful Losers: Paranoid Park(12 Mar 2008)
“Bye Bye Beautiful: Let’s Get Lost, again” (16 Jan 2008)
“Atmosphere and an Actress: The double visions and global nightmares of Olivier Assayas” (3 Oct 2007)
“The Departed: Forever (25 Apr 2007)
“Seattle’s Finest: Police Beat(4 Apr 2007)
“Innervisions: Two or Three Things Godard saw in his coffee” (28 Mar 2007)

“Brutal Fucking Moving: An exquisite corpse review of Inland Empire (with Michelle Devereaux, Cheryl Eddy, and Johnny Ray Huston) (7 Apr 2007)
“Czar of Noir: Eddie Muller paints it black with the Noir City Festival” (24 Jan 2007)