Preface to the Other Cinema Poster Archive (INCITE, forthcoming November 2020)
Charm Offensive: The Films of Warren Sonbert (BAMPFA, May 2020)
Scene Missing: An Archivist’s Story (Cabinet No. 66, 2019)
Make It News: Canyon Cinema in Print, 1962-1967 (Canyon Cinema 50 Website, 2019)
Friendly Fire: Stan Brakhage and Guy Davenport (Canyon Cinemazine #6, 2019)
Preface to Paul Clipson’s REEL (LAND AND SEA, 3rd edition 2019)
Laida Lertxundi: Landscape Plus (March 2017, Canyon Cinema Salon)


“The Sacred Wood: Nathaniel Dorsky’s Arboretum Cycle (May 2018)
“Once More to the Lake: Jerome Hiler’s New Shores
(September 2015)
“The Passenger: J.P. Sniadecki’s The Iron Ministry
(April 2015)
“Theme and Variations: The Royal RoadPhoenix, and The Dragon is the Frame
” (February 2015)


Noir City Spotlights the Dark Side of the Fabulous Fifties (23 Jan 2019)
Dennis Hopper’s Mad, Risky, Fierce and Beautiful ‘Last Movie’ Rides Again  (6 Sept 2018)
In Alain Tanner and John Berger’s Films, a Revolutionary Spirit Lives On (24 July 2018)
CROSSROADS Festival Highlights (6 June 2018)
Out of the Past with Lucrecia Martel
(18 April 2018)
Hidden Gems at SFFILM
(2 April 2018)
Ida Lupino as Actor and Auteur (11 January 2018)
On Stan Brakhage’s Metaphors on Vision
 (6 December 2017) 
CROSSROADS Festival Highlights
(18 May 2017)
Off the Beaten Path at SFFILM
(4 April 2017)
Robert Beavers at BAMPFA: In Berkeley, A Master Filmmaker Reflects on His Craft
  (9 November 2016)
Light Field Festival (9 November 2016)
David Lynch: The Man from Another Place (18 August 2016)


“Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind: Crossroads 2016” (18 April 2016)
“Warning Shots: China Now: Independent Visions
(18 November 2015)
“Sleepless Nights: Wavelengths at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival”
(26 September 2015)
“Slow Ride: Joao Mario Gusmao and Pedro Paiva’s One Month Without Filming
(12 August 2015)
“Pick of the Litter: Previewing the 58th SFIFF”
(27 April 2015)
“Frames of Mind: Crossroads 2015” (21 April 2015)
“Mati Diop’s Elsewheres” (18 February 2015)


“Young Oceans of Cinema – The Films of Jean Epstein” (January-March 2016)
“The Complete Fritz Lang”
(July-September 2014)
“The Glitter of Putrescence – Val Lewton at RKO”
(March 2014)
“Time Within Time – The Complete Andrei Tarkovsky”
(January-February 2014)
“Chris Marker: Guillaume-en-Egypte” (October-December 2013)
“The Complete Alfred Hitchcock” (July-September 2013)
“The Illuminations of Nathaniel Dorsky” (March 2013)
“The Warren Sonbert Collection” (2013) / Warren Sonbert Collection blog post (7 Nov 2013)


With Forever Presence: Jonathan Schwartz (1973-2018) (Cinema Scope #77)
Eye of the Beholder: Paul Clipson (1965-2018) (Cinema Scope #74)
TIFF 2015 blurbs: The Whispering StarNeon BullSparrowsThe People vs. Fritz Bauer
“The Conversation: Stephanie Barber’s DAREDEVILS

At Berkeley” (Cinema Scope #57)
Three Landscapes (Cinema Scope Online)
“Blank Slate: Remembering Les Blank” (Cinema Scope Online)
“No Angel: Shirley Clarke’s Portrait of Jason” (Cinema Scope #53 – PDF)
“Return to Form: An interview with Jerome Hiler” (Cinema Scope #52 – PDF)
“Meditations in an Emergency: the 2012 Robert Flaherty Seminar” (Cinema Scope Online)
“Ben Russell” (Cinema Scope #50)
“Way Back West: The West: 1898-1938” (Cinema Scope #48 – PDF)
“Terri” (Cinema Scope #47 – PDF)
“The Inmost Leaf: An Interview with Nathaniel Dorsky” (Cinema Scope #46)
“All Points West: Taking measure of the films of Gary Beydler and Peter Bo Rappmund’s Psychohydrography (Cinema Scope #45)
“Anatomy of an Interlocutor: Laura Poitras’ The Oath” (Cinema Scope #43 – PDF)
The Exploding Girl” (Cinema Scope #41 – PDF)
“Everybody Knows This is Nowhere: Lee Anne Schmitt on California Company Town (Cinema Scope #39)
“Stop Making Sense: Martha Colburn’s Anxious Animations” (Cinema Scope #38)


“Lewis Klahr on Memory, Myth, and Sixty Six (23 May 2016)
“Presence of Mind: Alan Berliner at BAMPFA”
(21 February 2016)
“Noir City 14: Artists and Models”
(21 January 2016)
“Imitation of Life: Spotlighting some of the year’s best performances by non-actors”
(24 November 2015)
Binghamton Babylon: Scott MacDonald’s new book recalls SUNY Binghamton’s legendary Cinema Department”
(10 November 2015)
“Killer Instinct: Hou Hsiao-hsien on The Assassin
(15 October 2015)
“Documentary Unbound: Kevin Jerome Everson’s BZV
(18 September 2015)
“Documentary Unbound: Speculation Nation
(7 July 2015)
“One More Saturday Night: A Poem is a Naked Person
(1 July 2015) 
“After Langlois: The enduring legacy of the co-founder of the Cinematheque Francaise”
(25 June 2015)
“Echoes of Eternity: A new book collects the writings of avant-garde filmmaker Gregory Markopoulos”
(1 April 2015)
“Touches of Evil: The Strange Pleasures of I Married a Witch and The Devil and Daniel Webster (24 March 2015)
“The Grammarian Speaks: Jean-Pierre Gorin on the Dziga Vertov Group” (12 Feb 2015)
“Man, God and ‘Island Life’: Stromboli and L’Avventura  (18 Nov 2014)
“The Insiders: Laura Poitras and Edward Snowden” (20 Oct 2014)
“Documentary Unbound: To Chris Marker, an Unsent Letter (3 Oct 2014)
“Documentary Unbound: Gardner’s Camera” (11 Aug 2014)
Documentary Unbound: Ballad of the Little Soldier (8 July 2014)
“Past Progressive: Profit motive and the whispering wind and Clear Glasses
(18 May 2014)
“Documentary Unbound: Lenny Cooke
(20 Jan 2014)
“Out of the Past: The Year in Media Scavenging” (13 Dec 2013)
“Documentary Unbound: Leviathan” (20 Nov 2013)
“Tete-a-Tete: Doc Portraiture” (30 Sept 2013)
“River’s Edge: Two Years at Sea (5 Sept 2013)
“Disappearing Acts: Bas Jan Ader” (7 Aug 2013)
“Documentary Unbound: Actuality, Actually” (2 Apr 2013)
“Documentary Unbound: The Inner Life of Art” (5 Feb 2013)
“Dancing in Unexpected Places” (7 Jan 2013)
“Fall Festivals: NYFF’s ‘Views from the Avant-Garde'” (17 Oct 2012)
“Documentary Unbound: Happy?(21 Sept 2012)
“What is Cinema?: J. Hoberman and Jennifer Reeves” (11 Sept 2012)
“A Good Man is Hard to Find: Paul Goodman Changed My Life (27 Aug 2012)
“Documentary Unbound: Let There Be Light(13 June 2012)
“The Ultimate Cult Movie: Mock Up on Mu (23 June 2011)
“One Village, Two Movies: Back to Normandy (17 Nov 2010)


Frederick Wiseman’s National Gallery (19 December 2014)
Gabe Klinger’s Double Play (6 November 2014)


“Signal to Noise: An Interview with Ernst Karel” (28 Feb 2013)
“Unchained Melodies: Claire Denis, Tindersticks, and the musical muse in cinema” (26 May 2011)
“No Exit: Adapting the dissolute, interior noir of David Goodis” (11 Aug 2008)


“Book Review: Ride Boldly Ride: The Evolution of the American Western” (Spring 2013)


“Direct Address: Chick Strand’s ‘Señora con flores” (1995/2011)'” (27 Dec 2011)
“Tough, Uncompromising, Nasty Little Films: A Conversation with Elliot Lavine” (13 June 2011)
“Direct Address: El Sicario Room 164 and Trypps #7 (Badlands)” (21 Feb 2011)
“Direct Address: Oliver Laxe’s You Are All Captains” (1 Nov 2010)


“By George: The George Kuchar Reader” (8 Oct 2014)
“Georgian Rhapsody: ‘Discovering Georgian Cinema’ raises the curtain on a vital national cinema”
(24 Sept 2014)
“Rites of Passage: Nathaniel Dorsky”
(5 June 2012)
“Light Meter: Picks from San Francisco Cinematheque’s third ‘Crossroads’ festival” (15 May 2012)
“How Dark Was My Alley: ‘I Wake Up Dreaming'” (8 May 2012)
“Into New Territory: SFIFF”
(17 Apr 2012)
“Eternal Return: Gregory Markopoulos”
(8 Feb 2012)
“Zero for Conduct: Contemplating the Filmmaker as Teacher” (28 Dec 2011)
Goldies 2011: Paul Clipson” (8 Nov 2011)
“Frame Missing: The unorthodox visions of ‘Not Necessarily Noir'” (2 Nov 2011)
“Light Years: Jordan Belson” (19 Oct 2011)
“Vive Vigo: Jean Vigo” (14 Sept 2011)
“Desolation Angels: PFA surveys the melancholy masterpieces of ’70s American cinema” (31 Aug 2011)
“Border Trouble at the PFA” (30 June 2011)
“A Mother’s Touch: Mamma Roma (1 June 2011)
“Nothing Was Delivered: Meek’s Cutoff (5 May 2011)
“Occupational Hazards: Punching in with a few SFIFF films set in the workplace” (19 Apr 2011)
“Muybridge at SF MoMA” (31 Mar 2011)
“The World Maclaine Made: SF Cinematheque pays tribute to a Beat legend” (30 Mar 2011)
“Jay Rosenblatt talks Darkness (24 Mar 2011)
“Fruits of Labor: A new imperfect cinema” (23 Mar 2011)
“Looking Glass Love: Certified Copy (16 Mar 2011)
“Something Wild: Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives (2 Mar 2011)
“Temporary Insanity Take Hold at Noir City 9” (21 Jan 2011)
“Bye Bye Blackbird: Ne Change Rien (19 Jan 11)
Past Imperfect: Digging through the year in archival footage [Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu]” (29 Dec 2010)

“Fight Club: Boxing Gym (22 Dec 2010)
“Darkest Heart: White Material (24 Nov 2010)
“Side of the Road: Kelly Reichardt” (10 Nov 2010)
Berlin & Beyond: In the Shadows and The Robber” (22 Oct 2010)
“From Here, Cinema: Radical Light surveys a half-century of Bay Area alternative film and video” (13 Oct 2010)
“Practiced Distance: Paul Clipson” (29 Sept 2010)
“Dreams Untrue: Robert Gardner” (22 Sept 2010)
Alamar” (30 July 2010)
“Sicily Unbound: Francesco Rosi” (7 July 2010)
“Nobody But You: Everyone Else (30 June 2010)
“Bucharest Calling: Recent Romanian cinema” (8 June 2010)
“City Limits: Le joli mai” (31 Mar 2010)
“Wild Yonder: Sweetgrass and Let Each One Go Where He May” (10 Mar 2010)
“Siteseeing: James Benning” (24 Feb 2010)
“Playtime: Sid Laverents and the amateur cinema clubs” (17 Feb 2010)
“Scott MacDonald on Art in Cinema at SF MoMA” (8 Feb 2010)
“Enter Night: Noir City and Val Lewton” (20 Jan 2010)
“Raison Ritual: Paying tribute to the films that paid closest attention” (30 Dec 2009)
“Revisiting Miklos Jancso’s CinemaScope War Ballads” (2 Dec 2009)
“Remembering Chick Strand” (23 Oct 2009)
“Camera Lucida: Robert Beavers” (14 Oct 2009)
“My Country, My Country: Oblivion (30 Sept 2009)
“Come of Age: Ermanno Olmi” (23 Sept 2009)
“The Deep End: Lucrecia Martel” (8 July 2009)
“Shadowboxing: Phil Karlson” (3 June 09)
“Cat’s Cradle: Ben Rivers” (25 Mar 2009)
“Lost Angeles: The Savage Eye (17 Feb 2009)
“Welles Well: A master’s late-career phantoms at the Pacific Film Archive” (14 Jan 2009)
“Speak, Memory: Kino21’s five-part war doc series” (23 Sept 2008)
The Exiles on Main Street” (split with Johnny Ray Huston) (23 July 2008)
“Slamdance Elegance: ‘Louder, Faster’ punk performances” (4 June 2008)
“Bigger Than Life: Frank Tashlin” (9 Apr 2008)
Deja Vu Times Two: Last Year at Marienbad(19 Mar 2008)
“Beautiful Losers: Paranoid Park(12 Mar 2008)
“Bye Bye Beautiful: Let’s Get Lost, again” (16 Jan 2008)
“Atmosphere and an Actress: The double visions and global nightmares of Olivier Assayas” (3 Oct 2007)
“The Departed: Forever (25 Apr 2007)
“Seattle’s Finest: Police Beat(4 Apr 2007)
“Innervisions: Two or Three Things Godard saw in his coffee” (28 Mar 2007)

“Brutal Fucking Moving: An exquisite corpse review of Inland Empire (with Michelle Devereaux, Cheryl Eddy, and Johnny Ray Huston) (7 Apr 2007)
“Czar of Noir: Eddie Muller paints it black with the Noir City Festival” (24 Jan 2007)