june bugs

Courtesy Warren Sonbert Collection, Harvard Film Archive, Harvard Library

June, in spite of everything. It feels a little silly to be collecting some of my increasingly tangential pieces in light of the untold immediacies and insights making this moment, but this is how they appear:

There is an essay of mine contending with the films of Warren Sonbert at the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, many years in the making though only recently occasioned as part of the museum’s “Out of the Vault” grant.

Another long gestating piece, similarly concerned with my archival work, is running in the current Cabinet. It’s called “Scene Missing: An Archivist’s Story” and concerns the actor Charles Korvin, Spanish Civil War documentaries, Jacques Tourneur’s Berlin Express, and the many trap doors through which the archivist is liable to tumble.

Take care, take heart, take time.